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MATLAB Runtime

The MATLAB Runtime is a standalone set of shared libraries that enables the execution of compiled MATLAB applications or components on computers that do not have MATLAB installed. If you don't own MATLAB (R2015b), you need to download "MATLAB Runtime" from Here.


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Attention: You need administrator permissions to install and run SEISMOGRAPH. ( If you get the “crashlog.txt: Cannot open file: permission denied.” error message, just make sure to launch the software as Administrator. )



SCALE Tool   (updated: 3/1/2019)

  • SCT_v4.1_Free_2015b_x64.exe
  • SCT_v4.1_Free_2015b_x86.exe


SMDA   (updated: 3/1/2019)

  • SMDA_v6.0_Free_2015b_x64.exe
  • SMDA_v6.0_Free_2015b_x86.exe


PSHA Tool   (updated: 3/1/2019)

  • PSHA_v8.0_Free_2015b_x64.exe
  • PSHA_v8.0_Free_2015b_x86.exe


MDFA Tool   (updated: 4/30/2019)

  • MDFA_v9.5_Free_2015b_x64.exe
  • MDFA_v9.5_Free_2015b_x86.exe