SEISMOGRAPH Academic Discount



Seismograph offers an academic discount of 50% to full time students and faculty of accredited academic institutions. This academic discount allows you to use our products for educational use. Please read the information below to learn how to apply, how to qualify and what is included.



Do I Qualify For A Discount?

Our qualification is straight forward. If you are a teacher/professor or student at any accredited institution, globally, you are eligible for a whopping 50% discount on any Seismograph product. Any product you purchased using this discount can be used for educational purpose during or after your education completes.



How Long Does My Discount Last?

Your educational discount code of 50% will expire within 1 month, and can only be used during our academic promotional periods. Those periods are applicable in April and October of each year. If you obtain your discount code in April, you have to use it/purchase your products in April.



Can I Share My Discount Code?

No. Your promotional code is linked to your Seismograph account. You cannot share it.



What Documentation Do I Need

You'll need the following:


  • A valid current student ID card with expiration date, (or)
  • An acceptance letter or proof of current enrollment


  • Copy of redacted contract of current employment, (or)
  • A valid current staff ID card with expiration date

Whichever group you fall under, make sure that the information you submit to us (photos or scanned copies) are clear and easily readable. In order to expedite the process please ensure your supporting documentation is in English, or contains an English translation. ALL documentation has to be dated within 30 days of the application.



How To Apply

To apply for an educational discount, please use the dedicated webform : (only registered users)

  1. In your subject-line write the following "EDU Discount Application"
  2. List the products you are interested in
  3. Attatch the required application documents as a PDF, JPG or PNG.

Within 24 hours you should receive a 50% off educational coupon that you can then use during our promotional time only.



Academic Institutions

For academic institutions looking to place orders for multiple licenses to outfit labs, please contact our Support team to discuss how we can help you get your department set up with our poducts.